Western Maryland voters avoid talking about politics

In Western Maryland, politics can be a sensitive subject.

Travis Miller lives in La Vale, just outside Cumberland. He works on furnaces and drives a fuel truck. And he didn’t want to say who he plans to vote for in the presidential election.

“It’s my personal right to have my personal opinion and my privacy also,” he explained. “I don’t want to have a political conversation with anybody or argument just because I say I like someone else versus the other. Both of our presidential candidates are idiots, but one’s better than the other.”

Sometimes asking people in Western Maryland about their political leanings is like asking for their medical records.

Michael Llewellyn, an attorney active in Allegany County Democratic politics, guessed that reticence like Miller’s stems from a desire for good manners.

“Sometimes in mixed company, you don’t talk about politics, and you don’t talk about money,” he said. “There’s a little of that old-fashioned kind of behavior, kind of, you know, mores that still exist around here.”

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